Chef William Weir

Chef William Weir, the current owner and Executive Chef of Bongos Creative Cuisine in Sebring, Florida, boasts a remarkable career spanning over four decades in the culinary world. His expertise extends across a diverse range of hotel and restaurant settings, where he has masterfully curated menus, orchestrated food preparation, executed and exquisite presentations. Hailing from Ecuador, Chef Weir infuses his Latin American roots into his culinary creations, crafting a unique blend of international cuisine that tantalizes taste buds around the globe.

With a rich history as an executive chef in bustling cities, including the likes of Martha's Vineyard, Chicago, Orlando, and Miami, Chef Weir's culinary journey is nothing short of extraordinary. His philosophy revolves around the use of fresh, wholesome ingredients, seamlessly marrying health with indulgence, creating a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether he's experimenting with ethnic, continental, or new American cuisine, Chef William Weir's mastery consistently elevates the art of cooking to new heights, bringing a world of flavors to every plate.

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